A professional manufacturer of customized wiring harnesses, cable assemblies and connectors for more than 30 years in Taiwan.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification
ISO 9001:2015 Certification
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We do our best to ensure that your products have the most reliable quality assurance and the strongest partnership. Included the organization management, product safety, environmental protection and operational control. We are constantly striving to move forward to the sustainable company.
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Specification confirmation

After receiving your contact and inquiry, we will discuss and confirm the specifications of "wire" and "material" according to your needs. If you have own design, you can provide the relevant information. We work with many trusted international manufacturers. Cooperative brands include MOLEX, JST, HIROSE, TE and other international companies. It can also provide alternative materials from Taiwan or other compatible brand for your special needs, saving you costs and achieving complete budget planning.


Cost analysis and quotation

After communicated with you, we will analysis the production with the factory. Also, confirm the source and cost of the raw materials. If there is a special material that may contain the minimum order quantity (MOQ), it will be notified with you at the time of the quotation. In addition, all the wires and materials used will be provided with specifications and confirmed by you. Your inquiry will be completed within 2~3 working days and a quote will be provided; the more detailed of the information you provide, the faster our work time will be.

Engineering drawing

To make sure that your product is produced in a standardized SOP process, you will have your own product number and drawing. According to the drawing, we will communicate with you, including the detailed of wire and cable specifications, materials, PIN OUT and production methods. If there has any changes, we will make the Engineering Change Notice (ECN) according to the drawings to ensure that all materials and processing records can be completely retained.

Approved Sample

We can offer samples to get your design and products with confirmation. On the other hand, it ensures that all specifications and sizes can be perfected before the formal mass production. More importantly, we keep all production records in the production process. According to the sample production process, we propose more complete solutions and suggestions, and establish a complete production SOP operation process.

Mass Production

After receiving your official order, we will make the confirmation based on the material condition and stock quantity, and discuss the production schedule with the factory to make the production. The production of all products will be based on the engineering drawings that have been confirmed by you, and will be mass-produced in a standardized operating procedure. The production process includes raw material incoming quality control (IQC), warehouse storage/issuing, cutting processing, crimp terminals, assembled products. Also with InPut Process Quality Cortrol (IPQC)and final Out-going Quality Control (OQC). The excellent quality is based on perfect system and production schedule. The mass production of general products is expected to be 4-5 weeks of workday, and the actual ship date will be based on the schedule.

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LVDS Cable | Wire Harnesses

Made In Taiwan

LVDS cable is common used in LCD displays, including computer equipment,
display panels, communication equipment. The demand voltage of the product
is low, and the transmission effect of the image and signal is stable. The
characteristic of the LVDS cable is the wire is smaller, it does not occupy the
volume inside the device, and has small pitch and spacing, and is more
efficiently transmitted through the twisted wire.

We have 30 years of experience in LVDS cable, and automated equipment
and production technology can meet your product needs.

Connector Solutions

Made In Taiwan

We offer product and services that integrate a wide range of connectors and
vertically integrate products from the supply chains to provide a complete
one-stop solution. The products are used in a variety of connectors on PCB
boards such as industrial control, computer equipment and communication
systems. Products include Pin Header pin headers, Female Header, board-to
-board Wafer, wire-to-board connectors, I/O connectors, FPC/FFC, HDMI,
USB to meet your special needs.

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